5 Incredible WordPress Plugins for Developers

A blogging platform, a complete Content Management System (CMS), WordPress gives you the functionality to develop along with a lot of perks. WP is fun to work on, you can develop anything without a lot of muddle. I was recently working on a slight development and few of these plugins have really showed their charm. If you are a developer too, you might not want to miss trying the following list.


If you develop themes for WordPress, it’s always better to make sure that it meets the WordPress standards and practices. It checks for malicious code deep inside all the theme files and gives you a report of all the warnings and links that are used inside your theme files.

theme check


Debug Bar

Debug Bar is another beautiful plugin that can help WordPress theme developers. Debugging errors has always been a pain while creating a theme. Using Debug Bar, you can add a Debug Bar to your admin panel where you can see all the debugging information including query, cache and the such.

Debug Bar

Disable Core Updates

One thing that I love the most about WordPress is that it keeps updating, fixing every small bug and some times, upgrading itself to the next level. But, while developing themes or plugins, this can be a little annoying. Because, you may be developing your product on one version of WordPress, and a sudden update can take it into vain. So, just disable the core updates and you won’t ever see a message to update your Core until you want to.

Disable WordPress Core updates

Preserve Code Formatting

This plugin helps you save all the code that you’ve shared, on a page. So, it becomes easier for you to access whenever you want and you may not have to worry about losing it each and every time you want it. Also if you are an active blogger who often shares code on the blog, this can be your best friend. This plugin also helps developers who work a lot with clients.

Preserve Code Formatting

Shortcodes Ultimate

If you wonder why, not all people know how to write code to insert a button into a page, or split the content into two different columns. Developers who create sites for clients would really be benefited by this. Because, this plugin can actually make it so easier for clients to create all sorts of content and make the best use of the shortcodes without stressing up their minds messing up with the code. A simple block of text will get them whatever they want. Hence.

Shortcodes Ultimate


Although I’m not a big fan of plugins, I still like the purpose they serve. Personally, I don’t use many plugins on my blogs. But, I have most of them installed on my localhost. Only functionality plugins though. So, these developer plugins make it easier for me to execute code, debug errors and check for the standards. I think you should give them a try too.

If you are not a developer, but looking for someone who can develop a theme for you, here’s the contact form. Feel free to drop in a line.


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