How to Add Newsletter Widget Area Below Content


One of the highly converting places on a blog is the section below the content area. With rich content, the immediate CTA box can influence the readers effectively. You might have already noticed almost all major blogs on the web have this installed already. Now, it’s your turn not to miss the readers’ attention. The following code will add a new widget area […]

5 Incredible WordPress Plugins for Developers

wordpress logo

A blogging platform, a complete Content Management System (CMS), WordPress gives you the functionality to develop along with a lot of perks. WP is fun to work on, you can develop anything without a lot of muddle. I was recently working on a slight development and few of these plugins have really showed their charm. […]

How to Embed Github Gists to WordPress Posts

Embed Github on WordPress

WordPress, by default, provides the support to embed few media without much complication. Although it supports embed Github gists easily, it doesn’t simply work for most of the users. Github, being the most widely used platform to store gists and snippets, it allows you to save your snippets safely online. If you’re a developer, and […]

How to Create QR Codes for Your WordPress Posts and Pages

QR codes are everywhere. And with smartphones taking all over the mobile market, everything is just a couple of clicks away, probably sometimes, a scan away. That’s right. While people are busy creating QR codes for each of their pages and hardly trying to put them on every single page, you can just use a […]

12 WordPress Plugins for Multi-Author Blogs

multiauthor wordpress

You might already know blogging isn’t a one man job, especially when the blog is big enough and involves daily tasks. Also, if you accept guest posts on your blog, the best way to publish the post is, of course, giving the guest blogger his own account on the blog. It makes your work easier […]

How to Reposition Genesis Comment Form

Genesis, being handy, allows you to customize the site to the fullest and if you are wondering how you can almost replace your comment form above the comment list, this tutorial is for you. The thing is- while I was stumbling around random sites for fun stuff, I came across this one, where the comment […]

StudioPress Site Redesigned

Few days back, we all witnessed the beautiful change in the Copyblogger’s design and today, it is the StudioPress official site. I really like the bold and classy look on the Copyblogger’s site and you bet how much I’ve tried to get a look like that. However, you’ll soon see the redesign here, too. So […]

5 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Photographers

A WordPress blog can be anything. It can be your business card, blog, corporate site, magazine and even your portfolio. If you’re a photographer and looking forward to showcase your artistic talent on the web, WordPress can do it beautifully. There are already thousands of amazing photography sites running on WordPress. You can also have […]

How to Remove Navigation Menu from Home in Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework, as I keep mentioning, is one of the most friendly theme framework for both developers and users, as well. It is clean, minimal, fast and the best part- it enables you to customize the site to the fullest. If you’re using Genesis Framework for your site with a custom home page, you may […]

11 WordPress Productivity Plugins for Your Blog

Why to use WordPress productivity plugins? Because, blogging is no easy. There are things that you might want to do, being a blogger, which you haven’t heard of when you stepped in. Yet, with a little time management techniques and overall productivity, you can end up completing multiple tasks in less time. The amazing fact […]